About us

About us

Audio Modeling™ is a global leader in multi-vector expressive acoustic instrument emulation. After more than seven years of intense exploration and discovery, Stefano Lucato and Emanuele Parravicini founded the music and software company in 2017  through fruitful teamwork on multi-vector expressive acoustic instrument emulation. This focuses primarily on instruments such as woodwinds, brass, and strings: those that offer continuous input and control by the musician on several dimensions at the same time.

Audio Modeling’s purpose and research aims at finding solutions to enable the user to overcome the inherent limitations of traditional samplers, in addition to developing technological solutions, especially in software, that actively support musicians, composers, and producers in delivering their artistic expression. With solutions such as Camelot Pro, our revolutionary multi-platform live performance tool, technology ceases to be a hindrance and becomes an ally.

Although samplers have been the cornerstone of music created with virtual instruments for decades, the restraints of this technology are well-known. Samplers, while perfectly reproducing the timbre of the instrument and the original expression of the performer, do not allow the end-user to control successfully important parameters such as expression, dynamics, vibrato, portamento, various articulations, or any other typical characteristics of actual acoustic instruments in real-time: any attempts to do so inevitably introduce artifacts into the performance.

Audio Modeling has overcome these constraints by developing sophisticated new technologies that we call SWAM (Synchronous Waves Acoustic Modeling), conceived by Stefano Lucato and developed by Stefano Lucato and Emanuele Parravicini.


Audio Modeling’s™ mission is the production and marketing of multi-vector expressive…



SWAM is a proprietary technology conceived by Stefano Lucato and further developed by Emanuele Parravicini…



Stefano Lucato is a professional musician, musical producer, developer, and programmer…